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Adresse - Ambiale AG

Bächaustrasse 61

CH-8806 Bäch

Telephone & Email

+49 741 92829806


Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 8:00 - 17:00

Appointments outside these times by arrangement

Customer Comments

"Perfect. Thank you very much! Excellent service!"

Tobias S.

"My colleague recommended me your service and he didn't overstate anything. I have already spread the word within my circle of acquaintances."

Alexander M.

"I visited several vendors on the web, but none of them were as competent as you, with such a comprehensive offering which can be arranged individually according to individual wishes. The ordering process is simple, the settings are extensive, and I had from the beginning the impression that I was in good hands. I thank you very much for your professional service, I appreciate that."

Josef D.

"Unfortunately, I don't have any free walls left any more!! "

Denise Z.

"Top quality! Keep it up!"

Michael K.

"Super service. Very friendly customer support!"

Mauro O.

"Surprisingly beautiful product, I'm very satisfied with it! I'll order again!!! ;-)"

Susanne M.

"Advice and execution were perfect, delivery was prompt"

Monika S.

"I was very satisfied. The colors are as expected, and I find the quality to be good. Mounting was simple, and I succeeded easily. I'll order here again. "

Ursula M.

"Quick delivery and super finish. Execution was very good — thank you very much! "

Matthias M.

"Excellent service."

Iris K.

"Exactly what we need, without delay, and with super cost-performance!"

Germaine M.

"Well done without any issues, everything done very quickly and properly. Thanks!"

Rene A.

"Extra-fast delivery, wonderful product, absolutely recommended! Thank you very much; I would love to order again!"

Eva M.

"Very quick delivery and good quality."

Tamara A.

"The format flexibility to match customer needs was really great!"

Lorena C.

"Perfect service, wonderful employees ready to serve. I will take this service into account in the future, and I recommend it without question!"

Tanja M.

"I was pleasantly surprised by the excellent quality of the workmanship regarding picture preparation and material! This was my first order, but in no way last!"

Nathan G.

"I didn't expect that the quality would be so good. I am totally enthralled and I would order again. "

Julia S.

"Competent and very friendly advice"

Susanna G.

"Super fast delivery. Worked out perfectly."

Ariane S.

"Awesome service, and they were so fast. Thank you again! "

Gabi L.

"Everything is just as I imagined. "

Kristina S.

"This is exactly what I've searched for a long time!"

Thierry K.

"It looked exactly like I imagined! Super!"

Dusko J.

"Very good work. They answered my wishes, with super quality and fast delivery. Thank you very much "

Barbara I.

"I had the impression again, that they turn good pictures into very good pictures! Thank you for your simple handling of my order!"

Stefania T.

"When I called, I immediately reached someone who was not only competent but also gave me information in a good-humored way. Really nice :-)"

Joy Liselotte H.

"very friendly and competent employees "

Monika R.

"Super service, I can only recommend this service. Thank you very much for your prompt delivery."

Karin E.

"Fast and faithful execution of the order. What I ordered was exactly what I wanted, and also looked like it exactly on the website :-)"

Marianne N.

"Very customer-friendly and with very good professional quality. They also advised against my order, even though this would lead to no order (due to low quality of the picture I sent). However, this order will be made immediately as soon as I have found a new subject … "

Chris K.

"Very accommodating and helpful. I successfully requested them to speed up manufacturing and delivery. Admirable!"

Zaklina K.

"Friendly, attentive, professional - thank you for providing such service in these modern times."

Ajla N.

"Perfect sizing and workmanship. I am very satisfied and will order from you again! Thank you very much."

Heiko D.

"The quality is great, the service is super fast, and you get real people to answer the telephone, not just some computer!"

Julia W.

"I'm undecided between good and excellent!"

Adrian M.

"Super quality, perfect execution — it just looks really great! "

Margrit S.