Design Wallpaper NettedDesign Wallpaper NettedDesign Wallpaper NettedDesign Wallpaper NettedDesign Wallpaper Netted
Contemporary abstract design. - Christa Maria Nienhaus,

Design Wallpaper Netted

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Your benefits offers you photo wall paper at the very highest quality - at the lowest prices.
We're sure you'll be convinced by our service!

Stable Fleece Material, PVC-free

Fleece wallpaper consists of cellulose and textile fibers. They are particularly robust, air permeable, and free of PVC.

Highly Portable & Light

Our fleece photo wallpaper does not fade and excels with its extremely high durability.

Non-toxic Latex Ink

Our novel latex ink is free of solvents and 100% non-toxic, scratch-resistant, and UV-resistant.

Customized to Centimeter Accuracy

The only standardized element of our product is quality. You are completely free in your choice of motif and dimensions.

Completely Removable

Our fleece wallpaper can easily be removed once it's dry. You do not have to worry about the consequences.

Only 1-2 days' Production Time

After a short data check, the photo wallpaper is sent straight to production. 24 hours later, it will be sent out.

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