Premium Wall Mural BELVEDERE 1Premium Wall Mural BELVEDERE 1Premium Wall Mural BELVEDERE 1

Premium Wall Mural BELVEDERE 1

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The Premium Collection stands for exclusive, upmarket and extravagantly produced wallpapers, some of them hand-made. The collection makes a strong style statement with unmistakeable recognition value.
For optimal processing of this representative and decorative wall covering, we recommend that you right away order the matching specialty paste from our assortment to go along with it.



The seamless pattern is fitted continuously in courses without reference to the pattern. Typical seamless patterns are vertical stripes, small patterns, and single-color wallpapers, those with uneven fine structures and warp textile wallpapers.



For this type of patterning, the pattern repeats from course to course in the same spacing and at the same height. One should be careful to begin with a complete pattern at the upper edge of the wall and to cut the wallpaper accordingly. The courses are identical and lie beside one another, pattern-to-pattern. It is worth being careful to cut the first course to size and adapting all the others to this one.



Different from straight seam, for offset seam attachment, the pattern in every successive course is offset by the amount of the repeat as half- or full offset. The height of the offset or in other words, the offset of the pattern in centimeters is noted in the description by the applicable pattern repeat symbol.

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